Institute of Property Practitioners Namibia

We strive to improve the professionalism of our real estate industry in Namibia


We offer severral training opportunities by professionals all over the world to expand our members knowledge and epertise in the real estate industry. All members will be notified of our training sessions that we offer.


Easily view the list of all our newly registerred members for the year of 2021. We will keep this list updated for all agents and the public to view. This list can easily be used to verify if the Estate Agent is a member of the IPPN.


Read more about the scam agents in Namibia and how to protect yourself from these scam agents and we also offer a platform on which you can report these agents to us. The general public can also submit details of these agents.


Who is the IPPN and NEAB?

There is a great distinction between ourselves (the Institute of Property Practitioners Namibia) being a professional body representing and protecting the interests of all Estate Agents in Namibia (similar to the Institute of Chartered Accountants to its members).

Whilst the Namibia Estate Agents Board’s mandate is to issue Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFC’s) to Estate Agents and to protect the public against possible misconduct by the Estate Agents.

We trust that it is in the interest of the public to specifically utilize the services of Estate Agents that are also registerred members of the IPPN, as our members are exposed to more relevant information, constant training and enhancement of their knowledge and skills of trade. Thus, by demanding the services of a member, the public can assist us in ensuring that the property industry in our country is protected to a larger extent.

How do I become a Member of  the IPPN?

Firstly you need to obtain your Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) from the Namibia Estate Agents Board (NEAB) that is valid for the year in which you would like to register as a member of the Institute of Property Practitioners Namibia (IPPN). Once you have your FFC in place then you can continue to pay the applicable fee and register to become a member of the IPPN.